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Car Accident

Automobile accidents are a frightening experience. When the dust settles, you might be injured and your property might be damaged. If this happens, you need help. You never saw them coming…


Someone else has hurt you and trashed your car. And you need to take action to do something about it. But doing that when you are hurt is tough. That’s where we come in.

You deserve compensation for someone else’s mistake. Not to struggle to get to work because your car is in the shop (or totaled). Not to face hospital bills that go to collections. Not to experience the emotional and physical pain of an injury. If someone else is responsible, they need to fix their mistake.

But how? Chances are, this is your first experience with an automobile accident. You probably don’t know the steps to take to protect your rights and get justice.

That’s where we can help. You can follow these steps to get the compensation that you deserve. Whether your accident occurred in Shelton, Trumbull, Bridgeport, or another city in Southern Connecticut, we can help. You will always talk to a lawyer in our office to get the answers you desperately need.

After an Accident

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Following a car accident, there are some steps that you can take to make the coming weeks and months easier for yourself. Consider doing these things to gather evidence for your situation.

  • Get the other driver’s contact information.
  • Contact the police.
  • Determine the damage to your vehicle.
  • Determine your injuries.
  • Contact your insurance company.
  • Contact an attorney.

Determining Compensation

Compensation money will differ from case to case. It is important to gather evidence about the costs related to the accident. Examples of evidence include:

  • Doctors’ fees.
  • Surgery fees.
  • Physical therapy fees.
  • Fees related to your emotional trauma.
  • The cost of fixing or replacing your vehicle.

But instead of worrying about this yourself, let our team do the work for you.

Connecticut Injury Lawyers – Local Lawyers with Years of Experience

Our lawyers have worked on automobile accident cases before. We understand the intricacies of these cases. This allows us to find the best argument to present to help our clients. If you would like to discuss your accident with an attorney, please contact our office. We would love to discuss your case with you during a free consultation, answer your questions, and help you through this process.

Our No Fear Guarantee

You’ve probably seen the lawyer ads: “No Fee Guarantee!” “No Fees if We Don’t Win!”  Guess what? That’s true for just about any plaintiff’s lawyer. It’s what a “contingency fee” means. It doesn’t mean they’ll work hard. Or get a good result for you. In fact, it doesn’t mean much at all.

What we promise you is a NO FEAR guarantee.

What does that mean? For 99% of our clients, a car accident caused by someone else is new. The car accident lawsuit process is new. Depositions, discovery, trial…everything is new.

Dealing with a car accident case can be scary. Especially when it is during a time when you are in pain. Even more especially when it involves having to testify under oath.

We’ve developed systems that let you address and move past the fear. Through education and information about the process. Because this process is hard enough. That’s where we come in. We fix the fear.


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