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Broken Bones

When you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, you can get hurt. Broken bones in Connecticut car accidents are one common injury that you might sustain. If you got in a car accident, here is some important information that you need to know about broken bones.

Many people have broken or fractured bones when they get into a car accident. Breaking a bone in a car accident can be more serious than breaking a bone in another way. This is because the force of a car accident can be extreme. These forces can cause extreme trauma to the body. Also, there can be many fractures or breaks from motor vehicle accidents. If this happens, you might need reconstructive surgery. This involves the use of hardware to make sure that the bones stay secure.

Common Bone Injuries in Car Accidents

As you can see, broken bones from car accidents can be very serious. So if you think that you have a broken or fractured bone, you need to seek medical attention. You might need physical therapy or even surgery to correct the issue. Below is a list of common bone injuries that people sustain in car accidents.

  • Rib Fractures. This is especially common in side impact accidents or front end collisions. A broken or fractured rib can feel painful. Also, it can make it painful to laugh, speak, or even breathe. If you have these symptoms, visit a doctor.
  • Face or skull fracture. This can happen if your head whips against the steering wheel in an accident. You could break your nose, jaw, or even your skull, leading to serious issues.
  • Back fractures. Back and spinal cord injuries are common in car accidents. Also, you could experience nerve pain and damage as well as other issues.
  • Broken leg or foot. The legs and feet are the first points of impact in many car accidents. This pressure can easily lead to a broken bone in these body parts.
  • Pelvis fracture. If enough force gets generated to break your pelvis, chances are it is broken in more than one place. This is a common injury in motorcycle accidents. Surgery will likely be required to fix a broken pelvis.
  • Wrist fractures. Wrists are fragile and can get easily broken or injured in a car accident. Because of this, the bones in your wrist are delicate and can take a long time to heal. You might have limited mobility in your wrist, even after it heals.

Common Types Of Bone Breaks

There are a few different types of fractures that you can experience if you have a broken bone. They are:

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  • Avulsion fracture. This happens when a bone fragment pulls away from the bone. Many times, this happens at the ligament.
  • Buckle/greenstick fracture. This is a fracture that happens to infants or children. So if they are involved in the car accident, make sure you check for this fracture.
  • Compound fracture. This type of fracture can break the skin around the bone. Also, that could cause an infection. Many compound fractures require surgery.
  • Hairline/stress fracture. This is a small crack in a bone and it usually happens in the foot or the leg.
  • Simple fracture. This is a bone fracture where the skin is not affected.

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Make sure that you get any bone issues looked at by a doctor. Then, the at-fault party should pay compensation for a bone break or fracture. If you need help with a claim involving broken bones in Connecticut car accidents, contact our office. We are happy to help.


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