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Disc Injuries

If you were involved in a motor vehicle collision and you have a back injury, chances are you have an injury to a disc. Herniated discs are very common injuries. They can range in severity, so if you think you have a disc injury, it is important to contact a doctor as soon as possible. Here is what you need to know about disc injuries in Connecticut car crashes if you think you have one.

Herniated Discs

One of the most common types of disc injuries is a herniated disc in your spine. This happens due to the stress of the accident. The pressure that a car accident puts on your spinal cord can cause a piece of the spine to separate or move out of place. This piece of the spinal column is called a disc. It can move away from your back bones or your vertebrae. This is referred to as a herniated, slipped, or ruptured disc. When the disc is out of place, it can push into the spinal channel. It can press against your spinal nerves, which can be very painful. You might experience pain in your neck, back, legs, and even your hands.

Herniated discs can cause lifelong back pain. Sometimes, a slipped disc can go unnoticed. It isn’t until days, weeks, or even months later that a car accident victim realizes they are injured. If you are dealing with pain and you hope that it will just go away, this is not the best approach.

Common Symptoms

Common symptoms of disc injuries include:

  • Back pain. If you have intense back pain, you may have a herniated disc. Pain in the lower back is most common for a slipped disc.
  • Numbness. Numbness is another symptom of a slipped disc. You might also have a tingling sensation or other odd feelings in your legs, feet, and back.
  • Muscle weakness.
  • Muscle spasms.
  • Aching or burning sensations in your back.

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Disc Injury Treatment

A doctor will want to treat your slipped disc in order to relieve pain. Treatment options range from minor to serious. Your treatment will depend on how serious your symptoms are and the level of pain that you have. Many people get pain relief from exercise programs and back stretches. Your doctor might recommend physical therapy to help with this. Basic, over the counter medication might also be required. Stronger prescribed medication might be needed depending on your pain level. Your doctor might ask you to avoid heavy lifting or excessive exercise as you recover from the injury. But, basic activity can help to keep your muscles strong and help your body heal. If your symptoms persist for more than a few months, a doctor might recommend surgery. A surgeon can remove the damaged part of the disc to relieve your pain.

Recover Compensation for Disc Injuries with a Connecticut Car Crash Lawyer

As you can see, medical expenses related to herniated discs can get expensive. Be sure to keep track of your medical expenses. The person who is at fault for your injuries can pay for these medical expenses through compensation. For more information about disc injuries in Connecticut car crashes, contact our office.


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