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Child Injury

When your child is injured, you feel helpless. You are probably shocked, angry, and you might not know how to proceed.

If your child’s injury is the result of someone else’s recklessness or negligence, you might be able to file a personal injury lawsuit. The lawsuit won’t change what has already happened, but it can get your child the compensation that they deserve. Once justice is served, your family can begin to heal from this traumatic experience.

This section of our website discusses some common experiences that lead to child injury. If your child faced one of these situations, you can get the information that you need by visiting these pages. If you have additional questions or a unique situation, please contact my office. We can set up a consultation to discuss your child’s situation and discuss the best way to proceed. For more information, call a Connecticut child injury lawyer.

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are one of the leading causes of injuries in children. Our law firm has worked with motor vehicle cases since we opened in 2001. All of our lawyers are familiar with motor vehicle cases and can get you the help that you need. Learn more by checking out the following pages:

School Injuries

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Another common source of injuries for children is the school. Your child spends a significant amount of time at school, and accidents can happen. Whether accidents are caused by other students, staff members, or improper equipment, you can learn more on these pages:

Amusement Parks and Pool Injuries

Family fun can end disastrously if precautions aren’t taken. Injuries can happen at amusement parks if rides are not properly maintained and operated. In addition, pools can be very dangerous to children who are not strong swimmers. Learn more about these issues on this page.

Daycare Injuries

Many young children spend at least some of their time at daycare centers. Unfortunately, when daycares are not properly staffed, accidents can happen. Learn more about physical or sexual injuries that your child might sustain in a daycare facility.

Dog Bites

Most dogs are gentle, but even the most well-behaved dog can have a bad day. If this happens, your child can sustain serious injuries. If a dog owner acts in a negligent or reckless way in regards to their dog, they can be held accountable for any injuries to your child. You can find more details about dog bites here.

Birth Injuries

Unfortunately, some infants sustain injuries while they are born. Sometimes, these injuries are not the fault of the doctor and nurses involved in the birth, but sometimes they are. Learn more about who is at fault for your child’s birth injuries, and if you can pursue a personal injury case.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Kids are always running around – and if they don’t realize that a surface is slippery, they can sustain serious injuries. Sometimes children are sufficiently warned of slippery surfaces, both other times they are not.

Call a Connecticut Attorney to Seek Justice for Child Injuries

If you child has been the victim of someone else’s negligence and sustained an injury, contact our office today to protect their rights and their future. A Connecticut child injury lawyer could help you in this difficult time.


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