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Litigation Consulting

What Is Litigation Consulting?

If you are involved in a case, you probably want to do everything that you can to improve your chances of winning it. This is where litigation consulting can help you. A litigation consultant is any person who assists with a case that is not a paralegal or an attorney. Litigation consultants can make a case stronger and increase the persuasiveness of your defense.

These days, litigation consulting is increasing. Many defenses rely on litigation consultants to make their cases stronger.

Litigation Consultants

A few common forms of litigation consultants include:

  • Non testifying experts.
  • Coaches and advisors.
  • Technology consultants.
  • Trial presentation consultants.
  • Trial and jury consultants.

Non testifying experts can help a trial team during trial. They can assist with topics related to science, medicine, finances, engineering, and more.

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Coaches and advisors work with attorneys to help improve their trial skills. They can help attorneys improve their public speaking, appearance in court, and treatment of witnesses.

Technology consultants focus on courtroom technology. They help attorneys with things such as trial databases, tools, and applications.

Trial presentation consultants work on making presentation in court stronger. They do this by using resources such as graphics, animation, models, and more.

Trial and jury consultants can also be helpful consultants. They can prepare mock trials and focus groups to simulate the outcome of the case. They can also advise attorneys on jury selection and more.

Litigation Consultants

When attorneys need help with a complicated case, they turn to us for our knowledge of file review, document production, and identifying experts who can marshall the facts and evidence best suited to your theory of the case.

With our firm’s trial experience, we have the knowledge and the experience to help you create and execute your courtroom presentation.

We have many free resources available on our website to help you with your trial. For example, we have forms and ebooks available for free online to help you build your case. In addition, we have several books available for purchase that can help you with your defense.

We seek to help lawyers throughout the country as they strive to prepare criminal and DUI defenses for their clients. Part of this process means assisting with litigation, which we are happy to do. If you seek litigation assistance, co-counsel on your trial, or any other type of assistance, please get in touch with us.


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