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Lasik Surgery

LASIK surgery is a common procedure that can correct many different types of vision issues. In most cases, LASIK surgery is a successful procedure, however, there are some things that can go wrong. In some cases, a mistake may be the fault of a surgeon who did not follow proper procedure. In other cases, a mistake could be the result of faulty LASIK equipment supplied by the manufacturer. In either situation, if you face an error during your LASIK surgery, you could have the opportunity to sue for compensation. You can learn more about common procedure issues and how to proceed with a Connecticut LASIK surgery malpractice case.

Common Issues with LASIK Surgery

An ophthalmologist will usually perform the LASIK surgery. With a laser, the surgeon will cut and reshape a person’s cornea to improve that person’s vision. A few common mistakes that could happen during this procedure include:

  • Pre-surgery screening issues.
  • Vision issues such as halos, glares, double vision, etc.
  • Development of dry eye.
  • Loss of line of vision.
  • Faulty medical equipment that causes damage to the patient.
  • Insufficient follow up with the patient.

Who is At Fault?

If something goes wrong during your LASIK surgery, you might want to receive compensation for your vision problems, pain, and suffering. However, each situation is unique, and you should review your situation with a lawyer before determining the best way to proceed.

In some cases, the surgeon may be at fault for a surgical error. This might be the case if your vision issue is a result of a mistake that the surgeon made during surgery, such as using the laser inappropriately, operating on the wrong eye, etc. These human errors may be a result of negligence or an inappropriate standard of care. In these cases, the ophthalmologist may be held responsible for your injuries or any negative side effects that you face.

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In addition, if the doctor suggested surgery but you are not a good candidate, or if you were not properly informed of your treatment options and the risks involved in LASIK surgery, you may not have given informed consent. The doctor may be responsible in these situations.

On the other hand, sometimes an issue during surgery is not the doctor’s fault. Sometimes, the manufacturer may be at-fault for providing faulty equipment. If this is the case, you do not sue the doctor, but you could still recover compensation. You can do this by suing the manufacturer. This is a different process than your general medical malpractice situation, so you should contact a lawyer for help if you think you have a case against a medical manufacturer.

Also keep in mind that in some cases, no one is legally responsible for negative effects that may result from your LASIK surgery. The surgery comes with some risks, and some side effects may simply be your body’s reaction to the surgery. A mistake does not necessarily have to occur for you to experience pain, blurred vision, or other issues related to the procedure.

Call a Connecticut Lawyer for LASIK Surgery Malpractice Cases

If you are not sure if you have a medical malpractice case after your LASIK surgery, contact our office. We are happy to review your surgery and help you determine if another party is at fault, who they are, and if you have a strong enough case to pursue a personal injury or medical malpractice lawsuit. Learn more about Connecticut LASIK surgery malpractice by calling us today.


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