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Premises Liability

There are many forms of accidents that could lead to injuries, such as car accidents, workplace injuries, and more. But what happens if you are injured while you are on someone else’s property? Is the accident your fault, or is someone else responsible if property is not properly cared for?

The answer is that it will likely depend on your situation, but there are situations where you can sue someone after an accident on private property. The owner of a building or other property is responsible for its upkeep and could also be held responsible for injuries resulting from accidents on the property. This is known as premises liability, and you can learn more about how it applies to you if you are injured on property in Monroe here.

What is Premises Liability?

A property owner or occupier has a legal obligation to upkeep the property. If they do not and an accident occurs as a result, they are legally responsible for damages related to the accident under the premises liability laws. Property owners have a basic responsibility to keep their property safe for those who visit the property and alerting visitors to potential hazards. Let’s think about a few common examples that might fall under premises liability and a few that do not.

Here is a common example – wet floors. Wet floors can lead to slip and fall accidents, which are a very common form of premises liability. Let’s think of two scenarios related to wet floors.

In the first scenario, an office building owner decides that the floor of the lobby needs to be cleaned. She has the floor cleaned but does not make any efforts to inform the office building visitors of the possible hazard. A customer walks into the building and, seeing no signs to warn of danger, proceeds into the lobby. They slip on the wet floor, fall, and bruise their tailbone.

In this situation, the building owner will likely be held responsible for the injuries sustained under premises liability.

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Now, let’s consider a slightly different scenario. The office building owner has the lobby floor cleaned, but this time, she puts up several signs informing those visiting the building that the floor is wet. She also informs the lobby receptionist to tell visitors as they walk into the building that they should be careful because the floor is wet.

A businessman walks into the lobby. The receptionist tells him that the floor is wet and points to the “wet floor” sign. She tells him to walk slowly and carefully. But he is in a hurry, so he rushes through the lobby. He slips and falls, hitting the back of his head.

In this case, the building owner likely will not be held liable for damages, because the visitor was informed of the potential hazard and ignored the warning.

Help With a Case

If you are not sure if you have a premises liability case, you should contact a Monroe premises liability lawyer. They can review your situation and help you determine if it is worth it to proceed with a lawsuit. To speak with such a lawyer, contact us today.


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