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Truck Accident

Trucks drive on the highways and main roads in Monroe every day. While most of these trucks never have a problem, some can cause accidents, resulting in property damage and injury to other people. Because trucks are larger than your average motor vehicle, the damage that they can cause can be serious. If you have been injured in a Monroe truck accident, you can learn more about how to proceed with the information on this page.

What is a Monroe Truck Accident?

A truck accident in Monroe occurs when there is a crash involving any type of truck. This might be a relatively small motor vehicle, like a pickup truck, or it might be a form of a commercial motor vehicle, such as a tractor trailer or other type of freight-carrying truck. As you might guess, the larger a truck is, the more damage it can do. Other factors may make a truck accident more serious than an accident between smaller vehicles, such as the fact that some trucks carry hazardous material.

There are many factors that might contribute to a Monroe truck accident. One of the most common issues that truck drivers may face is fatigue. Truckers oftentimes drive for hours and hours at a time. They can be sleep deprived and lose focus on the road. While trucking companies have protocols in place that try to cut down on driver fatigue, they are not always properly enforced or safe enough guidelines. In these situations and some others, the truck driver may not be legally held responsible for the accident. Instead, the trucking company may be responsible.

Another issue that truckers could face on the road is vehicle malfunction. This may come from an equipment error or poor vehicle maintenance. In these cases, the truck manufacturer may be held responsible, or the entity in charge of maintaining the vehicle may be at fault.

Other common trucking issues include speeding, reckless driving, driving under the influence, and failure to follow traffic signals. In these cases, the driver themselves will likely be held responsible for any accidents and subsequent damage to property or person.

Poor road conditions may also contribute to truck accidents in Monroe. In these cases, it may be possible for the town to be at-fault, since they did not maintain the roads and that issue led to a crash.

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These are just a few common factors that might contribute to a truck crash and harm others. If you face a unique situation, contact a Monroe truck accident lawyer for legal advice.

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Truck accidents can be serious and lead to catastrophic injury or even death. As such, there are protocols in place to prevent these types of accidents, though some accidents still occur. If you were involved in a truck accident and the truck driver was at-fault, you may seek to recover compensation for your injuries and damage to your property. If this is the path that you would like to take, contact our team to learn more about your options. We can guide you through this sometimes overwhelming process and ensure that you put yourself in the best position to recover compensation.


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