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Care Professionals

When it comes to finding a care professional for an aging loved one, there are many options out there. Everyone has different needs as they get older, and there are a lot of options for different types of care professionals to pair your loved one with. Considering all of the options available to your family will help you find the best fit for your aging parent, friend, or other family member.

In this section of our website, we outline some of the major care professional options that are available for the elderly here in Connecticut. You can check out the individual pages to learn more about these types of care professionals and what they have to offer.

Classifications of Care Professionals

One of the first ways to find a care professional for your loved one is by working with a certified home health agency. Such an agency can help you find the right home health aide if your family has determined that they can provide the proper care for your loved one. You can work with a certified home health agency to determine your loved one’s needs and find the best type of care professional to assist them. These agencies oftentimes have more resources than you would have as an individual and will therefore have a wider range of skills and opportunities in finding a home health aide or another professional to care for your loved one. Learn more about working with home health agencies here.

Home health agencies can pair you with professionals such as home health aides. These professionals are oftentimes good alternatives to putting a loved one in a nursing home. This option allows a loved one to stay at home while getting additional care. There are both certified and non-certified home health aides. Consider these aides by checking out this page.

If your loved one needs medical care, a certified nursing assistant might be the right option. Such nursing assistants can help with basic tasks such as getting dressed, bathing, walking around, etc., but they can also provide medical assistance when it comes to things like administering medications, checking vital signs, preventing sores or infections, and more. You can learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of working with a certified nursing assistant on this page.

For even more assistance with medical needs, consider working with a licensed practical nurse. Such a nurse may be willing to make house visits and work with your loved one in their own home or in your home. Many are also employed by nursing homes, and your loved one would have the opportunity to work with them in the home. As with certified nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses can help with basic, everyday tasks as well as medical needs.

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Finally, consider hiring a personal care aide. This may be a good fit if your elderly loved one is fairly independent, but needs a little help with everyday tasks. This might include meal planning, grocery shopping, getting around town, household chores, dressing or bathing themselves, cooking, etc. A personal care aide won’t be able to provide much medical attention, but if your loved one just needs help with basic tasks, this could be a good fit. Learn more here.

Getting Help

If you have determined that your loved one needs additional assistance, make sure to check out the pages in this section. If you need help finding the right option for your loved one or if you are concerned about an elderly loved one’s safety, contact our office.


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