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Certified Nursing Assistant

If you’ve been searching for a home health care assistant, there are several options. Each option will work for a different situation. So, consider your loved one’s needs and the choices available before making a decision. One home health care option that you and your family have is hiring a certified nursing assistant. To determine if a certified nursing assistant will work for your loved one’s needs, read on.

What is a Certified Nursing Assistant?

Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) are trained medical professionals. They act as assistants for registered nurses and licensed practical nurses. Nursing homes tend to hire CNAs to provide basic medical help to residents. They act in place of a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse. But, CNAs are also available for private hire as a solution to your home health care issues.

A certified nursing assistant differs from a home health aide. One way they are different is that a CNA can provide medical help for your loved one. While some home health aides have certification to perform basic medical tasks, not all can do this. A home health aide’s main responsibility is helping clients perform everyday tasks. CNAs have the medical knowledge to assist your loved one with medical needs. But, a CNA still does not have the medical certification to provide complex medical care. Registered nurses and licensed practical nurses perform these tasks.

CNAs Can Perform Tasks Such As:

  • Basic walking, eating, dressing, bathing, etc. assistance.
  • Monitoring a catheter.
  • Checking a client’s vital signs.
  • Bladder care.
  • Preventing bedsores by repositioning clients.
  • Skin care.
  • Administering medication.

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To become a CNA, a person must pass a state test. Also, they have to get approved by the state that they want to be certified in, and to register with the state.

Is a CNA Right for My Loved One?

If you want to provide your loved one with home health care, a CNA might work for your situation. A CNA is a good option if your loved one is facing medical issues and needs basic medical attention. The CNA is certified to assist people who have basic medical needs. They charge a more affordable fee than a registered or licensed practical nurse would. If your situation sounds like the one listed above, hiring a CNA might be a good choice.

A CNA is not a good option if your loved one has no current medical needs. It’s also not the best idea if they have advanced medical needs. If your loved one needs help with everyday tasks, you should consider hiring a home health aide. But, if your loved one has a medical issue that requires advanced medical care, a nursing home or a specialized care facility is best.

Finding the right health care option is important to your loved one’s well being. If you do decide to hire a CNA, make sure that they are properly qualified. You should communicate with both your loved one and the CNA to prevent neglect or abuse.


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