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Choosing A Facility

If you are looking into a nursing home for an elderly loved one, there are many factors that you should consider before choosing a facility. Finding the right facility will not only ensure your loved one’s happiness and health, but will also prevent neglect and abuse issues. In this section of our website, we provide several tips to help you choose the right facility for an elderly loved one.

Choosing a Home

Start off by checking out our page with 10 tips for choosing a nursing home. This will give you some important factors to consider when choosing a home. We also have a page about frequently asked nursing home questions. This page is sure to answer some of your basic questions about finding the right nursing home fit for your elderly loved one.

We also have a page which outlines nursing home features to avoid. If you are interested in a home but it exhibits some of these features, you should reconsider your choice to protect your loved one.

We have a checklist of common nursing home features on this page. Once again, this will assist you in finding a home that will suit your elderly loved one’s needs. If you still need help choosing a home, check out our page about making an informed decision about a care facility or our choosing a nursing home page. We provide even more tips on these pages.

Terms and Services

Do you have questions about the terms you have been hearing related to a nursing home? The average person might not have knowledge of nursing home or medical terms. We define many of these terms to help you get a better understanding of them. There is also a page in this section about common nursing home policies. If you are unsure about the policies of a home you are considering, check out this page to determine if these policies are normal or if they appear to be strange. You want to make sure that the policies will protect your loved one and their rights.

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There are many services that nursing homes should offer to help your loved one and other residents live balanced lives. Of course, some of these are medical services. But there are additional services that should be offered by the home, such as religious services, clubs, outdoor activities, physical therapy, nutritional meals, and more. We discuss some of these vital services on this page. To learn more about positive features of nursing homes, check out this page.

Finally, consider what rights nursing home residents have. These rights need to be upheld by whatever care facility your loved one goes to. If these rights are not respected or upheld, your loved one could be the victim of neglect or abuse. Make sure that the staff of your home protect nursing home resident rights.

This section of our website should give you a detailed understanding of what a good nursing home should offer, and how to choose the right facility for an elderly loved one. If you have additional questions about your specific situation, feel free to contact our office for additional resources.


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