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Court Process

If your family is involved in a nursing home neglect and abuse claim, you might feel overwhelmed by the court process. This section of our website takes you through the steps involved in a personal injury claim and the court process.

Dealing With the Court

Facing the court process can be overwhelming, no matter what situation your family is in. It can be especially difficult for the victim of abuse. On this page, you can find some information on the pretrial part of this process. Learn more about the pretrial and how you can help your loved one through it.

We also have some tips regarding how to act when you go to court and how to dress in the courtroom. Appearance can have a big impact on the other parties involved in a personal injury lawsuit. We have some tips on how to appear respectful and how to dress properly if your family does have to go to court.

Oftentimes in the court process, you need to obtain nursing home records as part of your case. On this page, we discuss how to get medical records, how to make requests, and how to prepare for a case.

At some point in your case, your family might have to interact with an insurance adjuster. An insurance adjuster is someone who determines compensation for a given case. On this page, you can learn more about the role of the insurance adjuster and how to deal with them. One tip – make sure that if you are going to meet with an insurance adjuster, you have a lawyer present. A lawyer will protect your interest.

In the event that you file a personal injury claim against a nursing home, the home might want you to sign a release form. Your family should not sign such a form, because it will release the home from liability in the case. Remember not to sign any documents before first having your lawyer review them.

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Not all nursing home neglect and abuse claims need to go to court. Some situations can be solved through mediation. If this is an option that you would like to pursue, you can learn more about it on our mediation page.

Finally, familiarize yourself with the term “statute of limitations.” The statute of limitations is the amount of time that your family has to bring a lawsuit against the at-fault party for your loved one’s injury. Essentially, as soon as an injury occurs, the clock starts running, and there is only a certain amount of time that a lawsuit can be filed. You should definitely familiarize yourself with the statute of limitations so that you do not miss it and your family can file a personal injury claim.

If you need more information on one of the terms mentioned on this page, follow the links to learn more about them. We have full pages with more detailed information about these issues and terms. If you still have questions, we are happy to help. Simply contact our office and we can discuss your family’s situation.


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