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Filing a Lawsuit

When you learn that an elderly loved one is the victim of neglect or abuse, you might want to file a personal injury claim against the at-fault party. Such a claim can help your family recover money for the damages that you have experienced. However, most people do not have experience with filing lawsuits and might not know where to begin. This section of our website explains the personal injury lawsuit process and how to file.

Filing a Lawsuit

Check out our filing a personal injury lawsuit page for a basic outline of the personal injury process. This will give you the basic steps involved and help you understand what the personal injury process entails.

Chances are that as you go through this process and learn more about it, you will come across a lot of legal terms that you are unfamiliar with. We have a page with common legal terms to help you understand some of these terms and therefore understand this process better.

We also have a page in this section which outlines some notable laws and cases related to nursing home neglect and abuse. These situations are unfortunately common and your family might face something similar. Read up on these cases to learn more about how cases are handled within the court system.

In order to understand if you have a case, you need to understand the laws and regulations around nursing home and neglect and abuse. Knowing these laws and regulations will give you a better idea of if they were violated. Check out this page to learn more.

Proving Abuse

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Are you curious about how long the personal injury process will take? While each case is unique, check out our personal injury steps page to get a better grasp of this process and the timeline involved.

You might know that your loved one was abused, but how can you prove it in court? You can learn more about evidence and proving abuse in court with facts. Establishing a strong case will help you in our pursuit to win the case on behalf of your loved one.

People Involved in the Case

There are many people who might be involved in a personal injury claim. You or the other party may call expert witnesses such as doctors to testify as to your loved one’s injuries or other elements of the case.

Another element of the personal injury process is an independent medical examination. You likely want your loved one’s injuries checked out by a doctor who is not affiliated with the nursing home. Learn more about the independent medical examination here.

You not only need to understand what to do if you file a personal injury lawsuit, but you also need to understand what not to do. You can learn a bit more about what to avoid during the personal injury process in order to best protect your family’s interests.

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