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Bed Bugs

If you have ever had the misfortune of having bed bugs in your home, you know that it can be a nightmare. Your house has to be fumigated, you need to sleep somewhere else, and you might have to even purchase new furniture. If these bugs are this much of a hassle in your personal home, imagine how difficult they will be to deal with in a large building such as a hospital or a nursing home. On the page, I will discuss the ramifications of bed bugs in a nursing home for you and your loved one.

What are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small brown or reddish insects that live on the blood of humans or animals. While these bugs cannot fly, they can move quickly over land. One common way that they can enter your home is by hiding in luggage or clothing. Many people realize that they have an infestation of these bugs soon after taking a trip somewhere. In the hotel, airplane, or car, bed bugs can get into your luggage or on your clothing and make a home in your bed, couch, or furniture. They can then quickly multiply. They tend to hide in mattresses or box springs so that they can have easy access to humans and blood. While these bugs do not carry any diseases, they can be very difficult to live with.

Bed Bugs in Nursing Homes

For the average person, getting bed bugs means some irritated skin and the cost of having them removed. However, in nursing homes, the consequences of bed bugs can be more severe. Bedridden patients can be exposed to numerous bites over time. This can lead to skin damage to already weak or irritated skin in the elderly. For a resident with bedsores, bites from these bugs can be particularly painful.

Removing bed bugs from a nursing home is also a much larger endeavor than having your home or apartment fumigated. All residents will have to be removed from the home and made comfortable somewhere else. Residents will also need access to medical equipment, medication, and treatment while they cannot be in a nursing home. Finding a way to provide these resources can be extremely difficult without the use of the nursing home facility. This can inconvenience your loved one and expose them to inadequate care.

Avoiding Bed Bugs in the Nursing Home

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Your loved one’s nursing home should take proper precautions to prevent bed bugs. Sheets on beds should be changed frequently, and bedding should be checked periodically for bed bugs. The home should also prevent visitors who have a bed bug infestation in their home from visiting in the nursing home. These actions could prevent a bed bug infestation.

If your loved one’s nursing home is infested with these bugs, the home might not necessarily be to blame. These issues occur, even when proper precautions are taken. What matters is how the nursing home deals with the issue and how much your loved one is inconvenienced by it.


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