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Cancer is a terrible disease to have, no matter what age you are. If your loved one has cancer and they are elderly, this can make the experience even more difficult. It is already hard enough to live comfortably. When elderly people also have to live with cancer, issues could occur. Luckily, nursing homes know how to give care to cancer patients. Many people in nursing homes are suffering with cancer. It is common for the staff to give specific care for this disease. But, mistakes do happen. Your loved one’s condition could become neglected or abused by a caretaker. Knowing about the risks of abuse will help you make a decision of what kind of care to provide your loved one with.

Cancer Diagnoses

Most cancer diagnoses are in people after they are 65 or older. This leads to a lot of elderly people in nursing homes suffering with cancer. Most nursing homes will follow a closer treatment plan for an elderly cancer survivor. This will prevent any more problems for them. They will keep a closer watch on the residents who have or had cancer. This is because they might have further complications from previous treatment. This should make you feel more comfortable with leaving your loved one in their care. You know that they will keep a close eye on your loved one. They can’t give much treatment for cancer but they will try to make sure that they are comfortable.

Care Options

It is not uncommon for residents to pass away while they are still in their nursing home. It is not always for reasons caused by the nursing home or its staff. In addition, it is usually due to their complicated situations that landed them there in the first place. A large amount of nursing home residents pass away from the cancer they are suffering with. Expect this when you place your loved one with cancer in a nursing home. The nursing home is not always at fault for this. Your loved one’s situation might get more complicated than you thought. It might not be possible to keep it under control. But, if your loved one’s treatment gets neglected, the nursing home might be at fault.

A more common care option for people with cancer is to hire a home health aide. If your loved one is able to live at home with someone there to help them, this might be the best option. Many people with cancer will be uncomfortable with their pain. Being able to stay at home will make it easier for them. Being used to their surroundings and having the freedom to live alone will make things easier.

Care and Cancer

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Whether you choose to hire a home health aide or send your loved one to a home, abuse for a cancer patient could happen. The caretakers might become frustrated or upset that their patient’s health continues to deteriorate. The caretakers might not be able to control their emotions. Also, issues with administering medication can complicate the situation. Failure to provide transportation to doctor’s appointments and emotional abuse are other issues. You will want to check up on your loved one often. This can help you make sure that they are doing ok and getting treated well by their aides.

Cancer patients need some extra help in their old age. Getting them a home health aide or placing them in a nursing home might be a great idea for your loved one. You will want to watch out for your loved one to make sure that they are doing ok and not getting abused. It is sad to be dealing with your loved one’s cancer. Making sure they have a place to get treated well will make it easier for you to deal with. It will make the situation better for everyone involved.


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