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Class Action Lawsuits

If your loved one got neglected or abused in a nursing home, they might not be the only victim. If there are other residents with these issues, you could file a class action lawsuit. To learn more about the class action lawsuit, read on. Here, I discuss if it will work for your loved one’s situation.

There is strength in numbers. How do you stop Lebron James from scoring? You have two defenders double team him. How do you get a lower speed limit on your street to protect your children? You get the whole neighborhood to sign a petition. And how can you get recognized if your loved one faced injury in a nursing home? You file a lawsuit along with all other injured parties. This is the beauty of the class action lawsuit. It provides strength in numbers and allows many victims to come together to get justice.

What is the Class Action Lawsuit?

A class action lawsuit occurs when a group of people with similar injures from the same issue file a lawsuit together. The class action lawsuit also goes by the name multi-district litigation or mass tort litigation.

The idea is simple. Let’s say you hired a surgeon to operate on a broken wrist. He hits a nerve that limits the mobility of your hand. You start talking to this surgeon’s patients and realize they also have limited mobility. If this is the result of the surgeon’s carelessness, you can file a class action lawsuit.

A more applicable situation would take place in a nursing home. Let’s say that your loved one went on a feeding tube. This happened because they could not eat in a traditional way. The nurse that should clean the feeding tube neglects to do so. As a result, your loved one develops an infection. If there are other residents that face this problem, you can file a class action lawsuit together. Other common situations in which people have started class actions include:

  • Issues with an employer.
  • Corporate misconduct.
  • Consumer fraud.
  • Security fraud.

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Should We File a Class Action Lawsuit?

If your loved one got injured by a person or product and you think that others share these injuries, consider filing a class action lawsuit. Consider the following questions before filing a class action lawsuit:

  • Have I contacted the other people in my position?
  • Are they interested in filing a class action lawsuit?
  • Would we have a better chance of getting compensation if we file a lawsuit together or separately? Consider that class action lawsuits are most successful when they deal with minor injuries.
  • Do we have a case? Is there evidence supporting the injuries and that they were caused by this person/company?
  • Can we find a personal injury lawyer with experience in class actions?

If you can answer yes to these questions, you should consider filing a class action lawsuit.
Class action lawsuits can act as great option for those facing the same issues with a company or person. If you have interest in filing a class action lawsuit, contact a personal injury lawyer. For more information, contact an attorney.


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