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If you are reporting neglect or abuse on behalf of a loved one, you want to help the police do their job. You can do this by providing the relevant information upfront. By providing this information, you can help law enforcement arrest an abusive staff member.

Loved One Information

While your loved one might feel uncomfortable about the situation, providing the police with basic information will help them begin their investigation. Give law enforcement information such as the victim’s name, address, contact information, medical history, and current medical issues. Also make sure that your loved one can talk to the police if they have questions.

Perpetrator Information

Once you have confirmed neglect or abuse, it is up to your loved one to tell you who the abuser is. Once you have this information, inform law enforcement of this perpetrator’s basic information. Tell them the perpetrator’s name, address, and contact information. If there are multiple perpetrators, provide information for each.

Nursing Home Management

Issues of neglect and abuse can stem from a nursing home’s management. The law enforcement agents will investigate the home’s management to determine if this is the case. To help, you should provide law enforcement with information about the home’s management team.

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Nursing Home Contact Info

Be sure to inform law enforcement of the nursing home where the alleged neglect or abuse took place. Let them know the address, and the contact info of the home.

What Type of Abuse

There are many different types of abuse. Be sure to specify which type(s) your loved one has experienced. Once the type of abuse is narrowed down, the police will know what resources to use to proceed. They’ll know what questions to ask and what to look for.

Why You Suspect Abuse

You should provide the police with the reasons why you suspect that abuse has occurred. Often, this means a behavioral shift in your loved one. Other signs are injuries, mood swings, dehydration, malnutrition, or other issues. These symptoms can be used as evidence later on.

Abuse Evidence

If you currently have any evidence of neglect or abuse, you should share it with the police. This will help the police build a case against the abuser and get a warrant for their arrest. In addition, this information can help the prosecution in court.

Aware of Other Victims

If your loved one was not the sole victim of abuse, you should tell the police. You should also give the police the information of the other victims. Inform the other victims that you are filing a report with the police on the behalf of your loved one.

Willing to Testify

You can make law enforcement’s job much easier if you agree to give a statement and even testify in court. If you or your loved one are willing to provide more information to law enforcement or answer questions, you should make this clear.

When the Abuse Occurred

You should inform the police of the specific time period that the abuse occurred. Was there one isolated incident, or continuous incidents of abuse? In the event that the abuse occurred months or even years ago, you need to inform the police because the statute of limitations on the crime may have already passed.


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