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On this website, I have discussed some of the common living facilities that your elderly loved one can live in. But, there is another living center that your loved one might qualify for. If your loved one is a veteran of the military, they could live in a veteran community living center. If you want to explore this option, you need to learn more. To do so, read on.

Veteran Community Living Centers

Veterans of the military are eligible to be residents of veteran community living centers. These centers are variations of nursing homes. The major difference between a nursing home and a veteran living center is that only veterans can live in veteran living centers. These centers are places where veterans can get nursing home level care. Veterans may stay in a living center for short periods of time as they recover from an illness. Or, in other cases, they can live there permanently. Veteran living centers hope to restore veterans to their full health. Living centers also prevent veterans’ health from declining. At the end of life, these centers provide comfort.
Veteran community living centers are equipped to deal with unique issues that veterans may have. For example, these centers are trained to deal with issues such as:

  • Substance abuse. This is a growing problem among the veteran population.
  • Physical abuse.
  • Emotional abuse.
  • Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Veteran Abuse

Unfortunately, neglect and abuse can still happen in veteran community living centers. Residents might be victims of the types of abuse common in nursing homes and other facilities. So, it is important for you to research a veteran community living center before deciding to send your loved one there. Many veterans are physically or emotionally weak. A staff member of the center might exploit these issues to abuse your loved one.

Make sure that you know about any issues that your loved one has. Talk to staff members to make sure that they will respect and treat these issues. Having a clear plan of how to treat your loved one could prevent unintentional neglect or abuse. It is also a good idea to remain active in your loved one’s life. This can give you the heads up if something is not right at the community living center.

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If you do discover that your loved one has been neglected or abused, you should take action as soon as possible. You can contact the VA office, the National Adult Protective Services, and the police. Also, it is a good idea to contact a lawyer. They can protect your loved one’s rights throughout this difficult time.


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