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Social Security Disability Insurance

When a person sustains an injury in Connecticut and can no longer work due to a disability, they have several compensation options open to them. Two of those options are Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). In this section of our website, we outline when Social Security Disability Insurance is available to a person who can no longer work in Connecticut. If you find yourself injured and you need supplemental income, you can look into one or both of these programs. Learn more in this section of the website.

Common Questions

We get many questions about SSDI in Connecticut at our law firm. As such, we decided to dedicate a section of our website to these questions and topics that come up frequenty. We have addressed as many of these questions as we can throughout this section. The pages in this section should answer many of the questions that you have and provide the information that you need. Here, you can learn more about:

  • The disability application.
  • What happens if you wait too long to file your application.
  • Filing an appeal.
  • Failure to take proper SSDI action.
  • SSDI benefit options for family members.
  • The Supplemental Security Income Program.
  • How to check your SSDI status.
  • Documents needed for the SSDI application.
  • Advance designations.
  • Benefits that you are eligible for.
  • Compassionate allowances.
  • Benefits that are available for children with disabilities.
  • Frequently asked questions about Social Security Disability Insurance.
  • Long term disability.
  • ERISA LTD lawsuits.
  • Lump sum policy buyouts.
  • Responding to contact from your insurance company.
  • Common excuses that insurance companies make to deny claims.
  • Common SSDI mistakes.
  • Medical documentation in SSDI cases.
  • Telling the truth about your injuries.
  • Drugs, alcohol, and criminal behavior impact on your application.
  • The importance of hiring an attorney.
  • Long term disability surveillance.
  • The differences between SSDI and SSI.
  • Social Security Disability hearings.
  • Claimants over 55 years of age.
  • Veterans disability.
  • What to do if your application is denied.
  • Can you work if you get Social Security Disability?
  • Can you lose SSDI once it is approved for you?
  • Does age impact approval?
  • When to apply.
  • What to know about your benefits.
  • Medicare.
  • Social Security parent’s benefits insurance.
  • Social Security disabled surviving divorced spouse benefits.
  • How much is the disability benefit?

Check out the individual pages in this section to learn more about any of the topics mentioned above.

Getting Help With Social Security Disability Insurance

Whether you are seeking assistance with an application, an appeal for a denied application, or the end of your insurance, we are here to help. Contact our Connecticut Social Security Disability Insurance lawyers to learn more about this process and make sure that you are getting the benefits that you are entitled to. For more information on SSDI, check out the other pages in this section of the website. If you have specific questions or would like to work with a lawyer, contact our office. We are happy to meet with you during a free consultation to discuss your situation and guide you in the right direction. For additional assistance, contact us. We are here for you.

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