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Nursing Home Abuse

Do you and your family feel that it is time for an aging loved one to get additional help which you cannot provide? If you have come to this point in life, you may recognize that your family alone is not enough to give proper care to an elderly loved one, such as a parent, grandparent, neighbor, etc. In this situation, you have several options of how to get addition medical and everyday care for your loved one. However, when making this decision it is important to keep in mind that elder abuse can happen anywhere, including Trumbull. Here is some information on common types of nursing home abuse and neglect as well as preventative measures that your family can take.

Types of Abuse

The elderly are a vulnerable group of people, and unfortunately, they can be taken advantage of in many ways. In some cases, such as medical malpractice or neglect, this abuse is not perpetrated on purpose. Medical malpractice and neglect could simply result from staff members being overworked, communicating poorly, or using negligence when interacting with your loved one. However, these are still issues that can have serious negative implications and should be rectified.

In other cases, abuse may be deliberate. This is oftentimes the case when a nursing home resident is physically assaulted. It can also be the case when a nursing home staff member is emotionally abusive towards the elderly. Both of these issues can instill fear, loss of confidence, and trauma in the elderly.

Another form of abuse is sexual abuse. Unfortunately, nursing home staff members may see the elderly as easy targets, particularly if no one come to visit them. Perpetrators may think that they can get away with what they are doing because no one is checking up on the victim.

Something else you want to watch out for is financial exploitation. The elderly are financially abused in many different ways, from identity theft, to scams, to stolen information. Make sure that your elderly loved one does not engage in financial conversations with nursing home staff unless you or a lawyer are present.

Preventing Abuse

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One of the best things that you can do to prevent your elderly loved one from becoming a victim of elder abuse and neglect is by working with their medical providers and facility staff members. If the staff know that you are involved and regularly communicate with the nursing home, they are less likely to commit abuse.

Choose the facility or medical professionals that work with your loved one carefully. Look at reviews and talk to the police about any previous issues of abuse. By choosing a home with good regulations and staff members, you can reduce your loved one’s risk of being a victim of elder abuse.

Also make sure to communicate with your loved one throughout this process. Make sure that you find a facility that is a good fit for them and visit on a regular basis. Your loved one needs to know that you are there for them and that they can come to you with any issues. Make this clear and regularly ask your loved one how they are doing.

Getting Help

Following the steps above can reduce the risk of abuse, but even if you do everything right, nursing home abuse is still possible. If your loved one is the victim of such abuse, contact a Trumbull nursing home abuse lawyer for help.


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