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Premises Liability

If you spend a lot of time on private property in Trumbull, such as in stores, offices, apartment buildings, etc. you may be part of an accident in such a space. This accident could result in injuries to you. A question that you might have is, “who is responsible for this accident and my injuries?” Are you responsible, or is someone else at fault? The answer will vary based on your specific situation, but someone else may be responsible for you accident under premises liability laws. You can learn more about premises liability here, as well as what you should do if you have been injured on private property.

Trumbull Premises Liability

What exactly is premises liability? It is the liability that a property owner or occupier has if they do not properly upkeep their property and someone is injured on their property as a result of this. For example, if an office building owner does not perform regular maintenance on the elevator in the building and it is not up to code, they may be held responsible if the elevator breaks and harms passengers inside. Or, if the pavement in a private parking lot becomes uneven and a person trips and falls because the owner didn’t fix the problem in a timely manner, they could be held liable for subsequent injuries. Finally, let’s say the floor of a lobby is cleaned and waxed, but visitors are not alerted to the slippery floor. The building owner may be held responsible for a subsequent slip and fall accident.

If a property owner regularly checks on their property and searches for anything that could be unsafe, and stays up-to-date on maintenance and regulations, they likely won’t be responsible for accidents on the property. If they warn visitors as well of potential issues, such as putting up signs that say that the elevator is out of order or that the floor is wet and therefore slippery, they may avoid premises liability. If a property visitor goes into an elevator even though there are clear signs that say it isn’t working, or if a visitor runs across a floor when there are signs posted saying that the floor is wet and slippery, the visitor takes on the responsibility for the accident and any subsequent injuries.

Help From a Local Lawyer

If you are injured on private property, you might have a premises liability case on your hands. However, as you may be able to tell from the examples above, it can be difficult to determine fault for an accident and hold someone accountable for their negligence. What is a “reasonable amount of time” in which a property owner has to get an issue fixed? What are the basic regulations that a property owner has to follow, and what is the standard maintenance that should be performed on property? These kinds of questions can make it hard to determine who is responsible for an accident and subsequent injuries.

Luckily, a Trumbull premises liability lawyer can help in these situations. They know the local laws and the ins and outs of the court process. If you find yourself struggling after an injury on private property, consider contacting a local premises liability lawyer such as one on our team. We can review your situation and help you determine the best way to proceed given the circumstances that you face. Contact us today to set up a free consultation.

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