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Truck Accident

Trumbull drivers can expect to share the roads with trucks, whether on local highways or local roads. While in most cases, trucks do not cause problems, there are situations where trucks can cause accidents. And getting into a truck accident can lead to more serious consequences than when involved in a regular car accident. This is because trucks are so much larger than most regular vehicles on the road, they can create greater force upon impact, and some trucks carry hazardous or otherwise dangerous material that can harm people when a crash takes place. On this page, we outline a few ways in which you can help prevent truck accidents if you are driving a car or another smaller motor vehicle, as well as more information on what to do if you are involved in a Trumbull truck accident.

Driving Safety Tips

When on the road, it is important for those driving both cars and trucks to do what they can to prevent accidents. If you are sharing the road with a truck, here are a few tips to avoid issues:

  • Allow space between your vehicle and the truck. You should always drive a safe distance behind other motor vehicles, but this is especially the case when you are following a truck. Give extra space so that you have plenty of time to stop or switch lanes if you need to. Alternatively, if you are going to pass a truck, make sure that you leave extra space between you and the truck behind you. Trucks are heavier than your average vehicle on the road, and need more time and space to stop. Allow for this time and space by staying well ahead of the truck.
  • Avoid blind spots. Trucks have bigger blind spots than smaller motor vehicles. Make sure that you are not driving in a truck’s blind spot to avoid accidents.
  • Be careful when stopping on the highway. If you are driving on the highway and need to pull over, choose a designated stopping spot or an area of road with a wide shoulder. Many accidents happen because a truck is not expecting a vehicle to be pulled over on the road or there is not enough space for them to safely pass a car that is pulled over.
  • Stay alert when a truck is turning. If there is a truck nearby and the driver has put on their turn signal, make sure to use extra caution. It takes longer for trucks to turn and they need more space to do so. Make sure that you allow this space.
  • Follow traffic laws. Make sure that you stay diligent and follow the rules of the road. Avoid things like speeding and reckless driving when you are near trucks. Also make sure to use headlights, taillights, turn signals, etc. when applicable.
  • Don’t let yourself become distracted. Focus on the road and the trucks near you. If you stay vigilant, you may be able to prevent an accident if a truck driver loses control.

Getting Help

The above tips can reduce your risk for getting into an accident with a truck, but there will always be a risk, especially if the truck driver is the one who causes the accident. If you find yourself in this situation, contact a Trumbull truck accident lawyer to help with a personal injury lawsuit.


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