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CrossFit Injuries

CrossFit has become a huge trend in recent times. Many people like participating in CrossFit because it combines interval and cardiovascular training with strength training. It is also a very diverse sport in that there are always new workouts and exercises to do so it is exciting for participants. However, CrossFit is not without its risks. Because CrossFit is such an intense form of exercise, it is possible to become injured – even seriously injured – during a class. On this page, you can learn more about common CrossFit injuries and what to do if you get injured.

Common CrossFit Injuries

There is really a range of CrossFit injuries because this form of exercise ranges so much. You are using your whole body and putting each body part at risk if you are not practicing proper form or if you are overtraining. A few of the most common injuries that you might face include:

  • Lower back injuries.
  • Tendonitis.
  • Knee injuries, specifically anterior knee pain.
  • Ankle injuries.
  • Foot injuries.
  • Wrist injuries.
  • Shoulder injuries.
  • Achilles injuries.
  • Hernias.
  • Herniated discs.
  • Neck injuries.

Some of these injuries might be minor and can heal easily with some rest and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication. However, some of these injuries, such as torn ACL injuries and achilles injuries can be very difficult and require serious medical attention. You may need to participate in physical therapy or even surgery.

Is A CrossFit Trainer Responsible For Injuries?

Many people choose to train in classes or groups led by a CrossFit trainer. If an injury occurs during a class, is the instructor at fault? There are a few factors to consider.

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First, consider that CrossFit instructors are supposed to be properly trained and certified before they can lead these classes. If an instructor is not certified, or claims that they are certified when they are not, this may be considered negligence and they may be legally responsible for any injuries resulting from their lack of knowledge and experience.

Even if a trainer is certified, they need to follow proper protocol and procedures. Consider the following questions:

  • Does the trainer routinely push participants past their limits?
  • Are the workouts designed too intense for the participants?
  • Does the trainer pay attention to each of the class members and make sure they are using proper form?
  • Is the trainer distracted and not paying attention to the class?

If any of these issues arise, the trainer could be held responsible for accidents and subsequent injuries.

Also consider that some trainers have people sign a waiver of liability before letting them participate in a class. This waiver essentially transfers liability for accidents and injuries from the instructor to the participant. This means that you are assuming the risks by participating and the instructor won’t be held responsible for any issues.

Getting Help

Whether you have signed a waiver of liability or not, our office can help if you were injured during a CrossFit class. We can review your situation and help you determine who is at fault and if you have a personal injury case. If you do, we are happy to assist you through this process and help you achieve the best outcome for your situation.


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