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Personal Trainer Lawsuit Compensation

Have you been injured while working out at a gym? Whether the gym or a personal trainer that you were working with is at fault, you deserve compensation for the injuries that you have sustained. On this page, I will discuss some of the common things that you can receive compensation for should you experience an injury in a gym. Of course, every situation is different. In some cases, the gym or personal trainer may not be at-fault for your injuries. Or you may have signed a waiver of liability that prevents you from recovering damages. However, in many cases, compensation is possible. Learn more here!

Compensation In Personal Trainer Malpractice Cases

There are a few common things that you can be compensated for in a personal trainer malpractice case. Most commonly and obviously, you can be compensated for the injury itself by receiving money for issues directly related to the injury. For example, you might receive compensation for:

  • Hospital bills or doctor’s bills from visits prompted by your injury.
  • Surgery to fix an injury that you sustained.
  • Physical therapy or other rehabilitation to overcome an injury.
  • Medication that you had to pay for related to your injury.
  • Testing needed related to the injury, such as X-rays, MRIs, CAT Scans, etc.
  • Equipment to assist with your recovery, such as crutches, a wheelchair, braces, etc.
  • Any monetary investment that you had to make that was directly related to your injury can be compensated for in a personal injury lawsuit.

Another common element that you could possibly receive compensation for is money for not being able to work. If you need surgery or you have to go on disability due to your injury, you might have to miss work or you might not be able to perform your job. For example, if you tear your ACL in the gym and you work as a mover, you might not be able to lift boxes, move furniture, etc. If you aren’t able to work for a period of time, the person or entity responsible for your injuries could also be responsible for paying you compensation to make up for the time that you cannot work. A doctor’s note showing that you can’t work for a specific period of time due to your injury can be helpful in proving that you deserve compensation for your inability to work.

Another thing that you could recover damages for is general pain and suffering. Injuries are not just physical – they can also be emotional. While it is important to recover from an injury physically, it also might be necessary to do emotional work in order to move on from the accident. You may develop PTSD, a fear of the gym, or another emotional issue as you come to terms with your accident or your injury. In order to treat the mental elements of your injury, you may need to take time off work, see a therapist, or go on medication. In the event that you need to spend money on your emotional or mental recovery, the at-fault party should be held accountable for that monetary investment.


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