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When You Can’t Sue a Personal Trainer

If you are working with a personal trainer and you are injured during a session, you might feel that your trainer is at-fault. In this situation, you might be interested in filing a personal injury claim against the trainer and recovering compensation for your injuries. While anyone can bring a lawsuit against their trainer, not all cases are created equal. Some are strong cases with a lot of evidence and likelihood of recovering compensation, while others are weak cases. On this page, you can learn more about situations in which a personal trainer is liable for injuries, and situations where filing a claim is not such a good idea.

When Is A Personal Trainer Responsible?

In order to succeed in a personal injury case against a personal trainer, you have to prove that your trainer is guilty of an issue such as negligence, failure to deliver a service, or false advertising. For example, if your trainer teaches you poor form or is not paying attention while you are working out and you injure yourself, they could be guilty of negligence. Or, if they advertise themselves as having a certain training certificate but they really don’t, this could be false advertising.

When Your Personal Trainer Isn’t Responsible

However, there are plenty of times when a person is injured while working out, and a trainer is not at-fault. This might be the case if the trainer advises you against a certain movement but you decide to do it anyway and injure yourself. Or, if a piece of equipment breaks and causes an injury. If the trainer is not affiliated with the gym, equipment issues are not the trainer’s fault.

Determining How To Proceed

If you have been injured during a session with a personal trainer, review what happened and consider if your own recklessness caused the accident, there was a problem with the gym itself, or if the trainer is responsible. In some cases, accidents may occur that really are not anyone’s fault. Even with proper form and taking safety precautions, accidents can still occur that result in injuries. Keep this in mind. If you are not sure who is responsible for an accident and subsequent injury, contact our office. We can review what happened and advise you on the best way to proceed given your situation.

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If you do want to sue the personal trainer, keep in mind that most trainers carry insurance to protect themselves against being sued. If this is the case with your trainer, you and your attorney will likely have to work with their insurance company in order to recover compensation. If a personal trainer is employed by a gym, that gym or its insurance company may be the entity that you recover damages from. Again, there are many factors that go into personal injury situations and many ways that you might proceed with a personal injury case. We can help you determine the strongest way to represent yourself and seek justice for your injuries. We are happy to assist you through this process!


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