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Special Considerations

As you might imagine, there are many special considerations when it comes to Connecticut worker’s compensation cases. If you find yourself in the middle of a worker’s compensation case, you may have questions about specific considerations in your case. Check out this section of our website to learn more about common questions, issues, and considerations that we see at our firm.

Monetary Considerations

Financial considerations are ones that we commonly see at our law firm. Many people wonder what kind of benefits exists when it comes to worker’s compensation cases in Connecticut, as well as what they might be eligible for. Connecticut is a no-fault state, meaning that even if you were partially responsible for your accident and subsequent injuries, you are still eligible for benefits. You can learn more about wage replacement benefits here and make sure to check out this page for additional information on what to do if you are partially or even entirely at fault for your accident.

Still curious about wage replacement benefits? You may be eligible for full pay for the day that you were injured, temporary partial disability benefits, or temporary full disability benefits. To learn more about the details of these benefit options, visit this page.

What happens if you need to travel in order to get treatment for the injuries that occurred on the job? There are many situations in which you can be reimbursed for travel expenses related to injury treatment. You can learn more about traveling for treatment as well as keeping and submitting records here.

Your Job

A major concern that many have after a workplace injury is if their employer can fire them because of the accident or because they have filed a worker’s compensation claim. It is illegal to fire an employee simply for filing a worker’s compensation claim in Connecticut. However, if there are other factors that your employer uses as grounds to fire you, your job loss may be upheld. If you are fired or laid off after a workplace injury, you should consult with a lawyer to determine the best way to proceed. We have more information about these situations on this page.

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Some injuries are so severe that a person cannot return to the same job they had before their injury or they need to be retrained. Vocational rehabilitation is available in some situations. You can learn more on this page in this section.

One situation where worker’s compensation because very specific is when a Department of Corrections worker is injured. In this situation, you need to file a worker’s compensation claim with the DOC. You can learn more about the steps involved on this page. We have worked with these types of cases before and can help you if you were injured while working in your capacity as a DOC employee.

Help With Special Considerations

We have seen all different types of worker’s compensation cases in Connecticut and we can guide you through your specific situation. For further assistance, make sure to reach out to our office as soon as possible. We are here for you!


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