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Where your injury occurred determines where you must bring your workers’ compensation case. Connecticut has many industries and workplaces. Connecticut employees should report their injuries and file for workers’ compensation benefits immediately.

No-Fault State

It does not matter if you caused your own injury. Connecticut’s workers’ compensation system works on a no-fault basis. Even if you caused your injury, so long as you were working within the scope of your employment, your injuries are covered by workers’ compensation insurance. You can receive valuable benefits to compensate you for your injuries.

For example, if you worked in a doctor’s office and sustained injuries to your knee because you slipped on a wet floor, you would be fully covered by workers’ compensation. You would be covered even if you knew the floor was wet and attempted to walk over the slippery area. You would be covered under workers’ compensation insurance even if you were the one that was supposed to clean up the spill. It simply does not matter who caused your accident. That is the benefit of our “no-fault” system.

Workers’ compensation is the “exclusive” remedy for wage replacement benefits and medical treatment for workers injured on the job. Workers’ compensation provides an expedient way to get the injured worker treatment and benefits and safely return an injured worker to work. As a result, other than some very rare exceptions, if you are injured on your job, you can’t pursue a lawsuit against your employer for workplace injuries like you would sue another driver for a motor vehicle collision. Rather, instead of a lengthy, drawn-out lawsuit, you must file an official workers’ compensation claim to receive your benefits. However, the workers’ compensation system provides a trade-off for mandating following the system. You can obtain immediate medical care and treatment and gain valuable wage replacement benefits while you are injured and cannot work without having to appear in court or file a lawsuit. This is the benefit of the “no-fault” system.

Wage Replacement Benefits

So, what benefits can injured Shelton workers receive? It depends on the extent and nature of your injury, but generally, workers’ compensation seeks to provide you with fair compensation for your workplace injury. You will receive all of the necessary medical care and treatment that your injury requires to return to work. Your medical bills will be paid for you. You will be reimbursed for any out-of-pocket expenses related to medical care and treatment, including travel. You will receive wage replacement benefits if you cannot return to work because of your injuries, disease, or illness. You will also be compensated for any permanent injuries or scars you received because of your workplace injuries.

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Chief among the many wage replacement benefits that might be available to an injured Shelton worker are:

  1. Full Pay for the Day of Injury – You can receive full payment for the date of your injury. If you cannot return to work on the same day of your injury, your employer must pay you for a full day of work.
  2. Temporary Total Disability Benefits – You might be unable to work because of the nature and extent of your injury. Suppose you are too injured to return to work. In that case, you are entitled to Temporary Total Disability Benefits for all workdays missed because (at least temporarily) you cannot return to work because of the severity of your injuries. These weekly benefits are paid while you cannot return to work in any capacity. They equal 75% of your after-tax average weekly wages. This is for typical weekly wages with federal taxes, state taxes, and FICA deductions taken out.
  3. Temporary Partial Disability Benefits – Your injury might allow you to return to work, but you might not be able to perform all your prior job duties. Suppose your doctor thinks that you can perform “light duty work.” The only problem is that your employer does not have any light duty work available. In that case, you can get Temporary Partial Disability Benefits, or “TP” benefits. These benefits are paid at the same rate as your TT benefits.

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There are additional wage replacement benefits that an injured Connecticut worker could receive, depending upon the nature of your case. It is best not to rely on your employer to ensure you receive all the money benefits you are entitled to. If you have received a workplace injury in Connecticut, contact our workers’ compensation lawyers to discuss your eligibility for wage replacement benefits.


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