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Do I need a lawyer

Our potential clients usually say the same thing. “I don’t need a lawyer, it’s just a workers’ compensation case.” Yes, but it’s your workers’ compensation case. Isn’t it important enough to you to ensure that your legal interests are being protected by a lawyer fighting for your rights?

Working With a Lawyer

Here’s another good one, “My employer has my back. They’ll look out for me.” Or this one, “My employer’s got to pay me my workers’ compensation benefits. I’m entitled to them.” Or “That’s what the system’s for.”

You can think these thoughts. Your employer, its attorney, and its insurance carrier, certainly hope you do. They can fleece you, and you will miss out on benefits and opportunities that could impact the rest of your life.

Frankly, if you are not serious about your own workers’ compensation case, then you are not the right client for our law firm.

We vigorously represent our workers’ compensation clients. Our goal is to obtain every possible compensation benefit for you while you are recovering from your workplace injury. At our firm, we take pride in our mastery of the law and our innovative solutions to our client’s problems.

Most aspects of the law have grown more complicated in the last decade. Old standards and beliefs have been replaced. The legal landscape, even in a generally structured state like Connecticut, is ever-changing. Attitudes toward work itself have progressed because of the pandemic and inherent generational changes. Workers’ compensation laws have grown more complicated as a result. Now, more than ever, you need legal representation to assist you. If you go it alone, without legal counsel, you are in danger of missing out.

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A Common Example

Consider this case: Jim injures his neck moving some crates at work. He thinks he probably strained his neck muscles. Jim goes to the “company doctor” and is advised to take it easy for a few days and then to return to work. Jim’s employer permits him to take a couple of days off from work, without pay, of course, and then accepts him back to his usual job and duties. Jim never files an injury report with his company. Jim never files an official 30C Form to start a workers’ compensation case. Jim never seeks legal representation. All is well. Or so it seems.

Two years later, Jim’s neck starts to really bother him. This time things are worse. He’s out of work. He’s in constant pain. He can’t pinpoint any certain cause or event to explain it. One day his neck just became painful. This time, he files a Form 30C and starts a workers’ compensation claim. The company doctor relates his present condition back to the prior injury. Unfortunately, Jim now needs surgery. The employer, acting through its workers’ compensation insurance carrier, contests his workers’ compensation claim. Jim is denied wage replacement benefits. Jim is denied payment of his medical treatment bills. The employer’s insurance carrier doesn’t want to be on the hook for the cost of Jim’s surgery and recovery. They move to dismiss his workers’ compensation claim as being untimely (more than one year after date of initial injury).

After Jim uses up his saved vacation and personal time, the company fires him. The company’s insurance carrier hires a skilled defense lawyer to press the dismissal at a hearing. This attorney has years of workers’ compensation defense experience. Jim thinks he can’t afford to hire an attorney, so he represents himself at the hearing. And he loses. His claim is denied. He has lost out on great amounts of money benefits. Jim has lost the opportunity to have his employer’s workers’ compensation insurance pay for his needed surgery and follow-up medical care and treatment. Jim has made a tremendous mistake in not hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer to represent his legal interests.

Jim’s entire situation could have been avoided. A workers’ compensation attorney would have argued that Jim’s second workplace injury was a new injury. They would have filed a Form 30C to memorialize Jim’s workers’ compensation claim. A skilled workers’ compensation attorney would have selected a different attending physician to evaluate and treat Jim other than the good ole’ company doctor. Jim would have received an orthopedic or neurological evaluation as warranted by his symptoms and condition.

An attorney would have obtained wage replacement benefits, and they would have contested the defense attorney’s maneuvers. A claim of wrongful retaliatory discharge would have been made if the employer fired Jim. His lawyer would have advised Jim on his legal options every step of the way, and they would have spent time counseling Jim on his decisions. Jim would not be fighting his battles alone. He would have a modern-day knight in armor by his side. These are the protections we offer at our firm. And this is why clients like Jim need legal counsel to represent their interests. Too much is at stake to go it alone.

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