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Getting Treatment

In a car accident, injuries can happen. If you were injured in a car accident, the best thing to do is get medical help. Also, an important element in settlement of your personal injury case is your treatment. But, it is not enough to just get any treatment. The type of treatment that you get can play a role in the rest of your case. So, if you are in the beginning of a personal injury case, now is the time to learn about getting the right treatment.

After an accident, you should visit a hospital. Having a licensed doctor in a reputable facility check out your injuries can substantiate them. Then, after an initial diagnosis, you should follow up with licensed doctors.

Damages In Your Case

One important aspect of your personal injury case is medical special damages. This refers to the money that you spend on treatment for your injuries. The medical special damages are a big part of the formula used to determine compensation. It is important to see licensed doctors and mainstream doctors. This is because this formula will take into consideration the type of treatment that you get.

Types of Treatment

Insurance adjusters do not view all medical treatments equally. They are strongly biased towards mainstream doctors and licensed doctors. The type of medical treatment that you get can impact your compensation. Insurance companies will also consider the facility you use and who treats you.

Many insurance companies are in favor of mainstream medical professionals. If you visit a hospital or a licensed doctor, they view this treatment as legitimate. But, they might not view a visit to a non-mainstream medical professional as legitimate. This includes visits to chiropractors, physical therapists, and more. Visits to hospitals and M.D.s will give you a higher multiplier in the insurance company’s damages formula. But, treatment in non-mainstream settings won’t get as much respect. If possible, try to visit mainstream doctors and facilities. This will help you get as much compensation as possible.

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Time Of Treatment

The time of your treatment can also impact your compensation. Long treatment time implies to the insurance company that your injury was serious. But, if you are getting treatment from a physical therapist or another non-mainstream medical professional, long term treatment could be a problem. The insurance company might try to argue that they don’t have to pay for this ongoing treatment.

Make sure that you get the right type of treatment so that you can get compensation later on. For more information contact our office.


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