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Construction Accident

Construction jobs are plentiful in Stratford and throughout Fairfield County. While these jobs have plenty of advantages, one potential disadvantage is the increased risk of accidents and subsequent injuries. Here, you can learn more about construction site accident prevention and what to do if you are injured while on the job in Stratford.

Construction Site Accident Prevention

There are many guidelines that construction companies have their employees follow in an effort to prevent construction accidents that could injure workers or bystanders. Here are a few ways that you can prevent accidents if you work on a Stratford construction site:

  • Make sure you are wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). You should wear highly visible clothing, work boots, helmets, goggles, gloves, etc. when necessary to prevent accidents or hazards.
  • Maintain your construction equipment. Proper upkeep of equipment can prevent this equipment from malfunctioning and causing accidents.
  • Make sure hazardous material and toxins are stored properly. Most construction workers regularly work with hazardous material. Make sure that this material is used and stored properly to prevent any issues.
  • Proper training. Proper training to use certain equipment or materials is essential to proper safety. Make sure that you have been trained before working on the construction site, and ensure that those around you also have the proper training and experience to safely work beside you.
  • Protect yourself from falls. Falls are common accidents on construction sites. Make sure that your company carries employee fall protection and that you follow proper protocols to avoid this type of accident.
  • Make sure that safety signs are prominent on the job site. Safety signs can remind workers to follow best practices and can explain certain procedures that should be followed. Having safety signs readily available can help keep everyone safe.
  • Enforce breaks. Fatigue and exhaustion can contribute to a loss of focus and subsequent accidents on the job. Make sure that you and others around you take frequent breaks to recharge. Also ensure that you and your team are not sleep deprived when you are working a construction site, as this could also increase the chances of an accident.

These are just a few tips that can help prevent Stratford construction accidents and subsequent injuries.

Getting Help

While the above tips can help prevent accidents, there is no guarantee that accidents won’t occur on the job. Sometimes other people can cause these accidents or you may be involved in an accident even if you try to do everything right and follow proper protocols. In these situations, you may be injured. The good news is that there is an insurance process for helping offset the costs of injuries that result from a workplace accident. This is called worker’s compensation, and it is a process through which your employer pays you benefits for things like hospital bills, loss of income, disability, etc.

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