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Common Daycare Injuries

The majority of daycare injuries occur while children use the playground. Playground injuries range from minor (cuts, bruises, etc.) to major (broken bones, concussions, strangulation, etc.) In order to prevent playground injuries, a staff member should always supervise children playing on the playground. You can also take steps to help your child prevent injuries on the playground. You should make sure your child knows not to use the playground at daycare without an adult present and to use playground equipment properly (ex. don’t stand on swings, don’t run up the slide, etc.)

Another common cause of injuries in daycare facilities are falling objects. Sometimes books, toys, or bookshelves themselves will fall if children pull on them. Such issues should be avoided by making sure that bookcases are secured to the wall and that children are supervised while reaching for toys or books.

In addition to books, toys, and bookshelves, bottle warmers can harm children if they fall on them. These warmers can burn children. Scalding milk can burn infants and falling bottle heaters can burn older children who pull on cords.

Is The Daycare At-Fault?

As I have already mentioned, daycare staff members should always properly supervise your child as well as other children. If an accident happens because the daycare is understaffed or staff members were not paying attention, the accident may be their fault. You need to determine if the accident could have been avoided with proper supervision. This can be a difficult thing to determine, so consider contacting a lawyer to help you decide.

In other cases, improper or improperly maintained equipment can cause injuries to children. For example, if the playground is not maintained properly, this can lead to an injury. Or, if bookshelves are not secure, a child could get hurt. If maintenance or equipment is the problem, you need to determine who is responsible for these issues. You could potentially sue that person or entity.

It is a good idea to contact a child injury lawyer to determine if the daycare is responsible for the injuries through their negligence.

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