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Making a Claim

If you got injured in a car accident, you should file an insurance claim. This can protect you. It can also help you get compensation. You can get compensation for your injuries as well. You can also get compensation for damages to your property. Once you file a claim with your insurance company, you might get a settlement. This offer might come to you from the other party’s insurance company. Many times, this happens after a process where the insurance company decides how much money you should get. The insurance company will take into account how serious your accident was. They will then consider if you got injured in the accident. They will also consider if your car was damaged. Then, the insurance company will follow its own policies as it moves towards settlement.

Steps In The Claims Process

This section details some of the steps involved in the average car insurance claim process. Keep in mind that some things will vary based on your particular situation. They also depend on the insurance company’s policy. But, nearly all insurance companies will send an insurance adjuster to evaluate your case. Also, the insurance company will consider the damage to your car. They will consider your personal injuries as well.

The insurance company will review your side of the story. But to help them, you should provide information related to the accident. The car insurance company might ask for information such as:

  • The date and location of the accident.
  • Your policy number. This is located on your insurance card.
  • Information about how the accident happened.
  • The name of the police department that you called after the accident.
  • The police report number, if there is a police report for the accident.
  • Information for the other party. This includes their insurance information.
  • The insurance company will also request to see official records. This includes a police report, DMV report, and the amount of the property damage.

Determining Fault

The insurance adjuster will determine fault. They will do this with the information that you provide them with. Then, the insurance adjuster will review your claim. They will look at the evidence that you provide. For more information on the insurance claims process, check out the rest of this section.

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