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Treatment Options

There are many types of treatment options when facing the prospect of a family member who needs skilled care that you cannot give. Besides nursing homes, you have options like visiting nurses and home health care aides. There are major differences between agencies and using a single private home health care solution, just like there are differences between home health care and nursing homeless. Even among nursing homes, there are major differences in what each type of home or facility can offer.

Treatment Options

If choosing a treatment option, learn more about types of facilities and facility definitions here. Then, consider the appropriateness of the facility. Does the home have the right staff members on duty? Do they have the resources to help with specific issues that your loved one faces?

Also consider home health care. Home health aides can be a great option for those who do not need to live in a facility with intensive care and access to medical resources. If you are interested in hiring a home health aide, consider if you will hire a private aide, or use a home health aide agency to find someone for you.

Also consider that there are other care options aside from just nursing homes or home care. Your loved one may do well in an assisted living facility, a community center, or some other place.

Learn more about treatment options in this section of our website. If you have additional questions, we are happy to help. Just contact our office and we can discuss your situation.


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