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Bicycle Accident

Monroe is home to many bike paths and trails for those looking for some exercise and an environmentally sustainable form of transportation. However, riding a bike in Monroe is not always all fun and games. This enjoyable activity can turn dangerous if you are biking near motor vehicles on the road. Whether you are close to motorcycles, cars, or trucks, accidents can occur on Monroe roads. Even if you use caution and obey traffic laws, you could be susceptible to serious injury if you are involved in a biking accident.

As a biker, it is always important to use caution when getting around town and be aware of your surroundings. However, even if you are paying attention, a motor vehicle driver might not. They might not give you enough space on the road or they may be distracted and not even see you biking. If you have been involved in a biking accident in Monroe, we can help. Read on for more information and consider contacting our team if you still have questions.

What to Do After a Monroe Biking Accident

The best thing to do after a bike accident occurs is to seek medical help. In some cases, you might not think that you are injured even if you have been involved in an accident. While you might legitimately have avoided injury, your body may initially protect you from pain or you may not be able to tell what is going on inside of you. Because of these potential issues, it is important to see a medical professional, even if you feel ok after the accident. Documenting your injuries will be an essential step in recovering compensation if you ultimately want to file a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver.

Another good step to take is contacting the police. Again, this can come in handy if you want to file a lawsuit down the line. When the police are involved in an accident, they file an official accident report documenting evidence related to the accident and their findings in the accident. This will assign fault for the accident and help you make your case against the at-fault party. Without an accident report, it is your word against the other party’s word. With an accident report, you have proof on your side.

Speaking of proof – it is a good idea to establish your own evidence, even if a police officer is creating an official report for you. Take pictures of any visible injuries that you may have sustained, such as bruises or bleeding. Take pictures of the damage to your bike. Also collect information about the other party involved in the accident and any witnesses to the accident.

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Finally, it is in your best interest to contact a Monroe biking accident lawyer such as one on our team. Even if you are not interested in filing a claim against the other driver, meeting with an attorney can be to your benefit. A lawyer can help you determine if you have a case or not and begin gathering evidence during this crucial time. Maybe you initially thought that you didn’t have a case or want to press charges, but a lawyer may advise otherwise. The only way to know is to reach out. Contact us today for more information.


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