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Avoiding Spring Break Injuries

While you’re on spring break, the last thing that you’re thinking about is getting sick or injured. However, for many people, these unpleasant events are a reality. In this article, I want to outline some of the most common spring break injuries that you might encounter, and what to do if you experience an injury or illness while you are on vacation. If someone is responsible for your injuries, you need to know the steps to take to get the compensation that you deserve.

Car Accidents

While many people choose to fly to remote beaches or islands for spring break, a significant amount of spring breakers also drive to their destinations. A road trip with friends is a common start to a spring break trip, but because so many people are driving to the coast, this increases traffic on the roads. Increased traffic oftentimes leads to car accidents, which can cause an injury to you or one of your friends.

If this occurs, and the other driver is at fault, you should start building evidence to file a lawsuit. Immediately head to a hospital to get checked out, and make sure that you get the information of the other driver. When you get home, you can start building a personal injury case.

Alcohol Poisoning

Unfortunately, binge drinking is a large part of the spring break experience. While many spring breakers choose not to partake in drinking, or choose to drink responsibly, there is a significant population of vacationers who drink to a dangerous degree. You should avoid this by drinking responsibly. If you do get alcohol poisoning, consider your own fault in the matter and the fault of others. Was a bartender serving you against his or her better judgment? Were your drinks spiked with some kind of drug? If someone else is responsible for injuries resulting from binge drinking, you might have a personal injury case.

Slip And Fall Injuries

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Slip and fall injuries account for the majority of accidental injuries in the United States. While on vacation, you might slip by your hotel pool, in the lobby, or walking around a cruise ship if you’re doing spring break by boat. These injuries may not result from mere clumsiness; they could be the fault of the proprietor of an establishment. Consider if there was sufficient warning that a surface was wet or slippery. If there was not, someone else might be at fault for your injury.

An important step to take if you’ve been injured while on vacation is to gather evidence of your injury and proof that someone else is at fault. If you are able to prove these two things, you will have a strong personal injury case. For assistance with your personal injury case, you should consider contacting a personal injury lawyer. Not only can a personal injury lawyer help you through the court process, but he or she can also help you determine if you have a legitimate case.


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