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Consortium Claim Damage

If your loved one is the victim of nursing home neglect or abuse, they might feel overwhelmed. Your loved one may have been in a weakened state that may have resulted in damage to their health. This damage may have caused your loved one to change, which could affect your life in many ways.

Firstly, your life might change if you have to take care of your loved one. You might take them out of the home and have to make arrangements for their injuries. You need to make sure that they get the physical support that they need during this difficult time.

Secondly, you will have to deal with the emotional trauma of seeing your loved one injured. You may be wondering what you can do to ease the pain or help you carry on after such a traumatic experience. Nothing can make up for what your loved one has been through. But, you may be entitled to a monetary compensation to help you and your loved one continue on with your lives. You can learn more about a consortium damage claim here.


In the legal field, consortium is companionship, support or love between two people. For example, spouses or other family members can have consortium. This could mean a civil lawsuit to settle the damages caused by a nursing home. If your loved one got injured or passed away due to a nursing home error, compensation is an option. The idea behind consortium is that the loved one of the injured party was affected by the abuse.

Determining Consortium Compensation

A judge or jury determines the money that an individual can get may be granted to an individual. This is because it falls under the category of general damage. One of three parties can file a consortium damage claim. The parent, spouse, or children of the injured party can file the claim. If you are contemplating a consortium damage claim, consider these factors.

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One factor to consider is that your relationship with your loved one will become public in court. Another factor to consider is that a consortium damage claim means personal questioning. This can make the process of dealing with your loved one’s injuries even more difficult.

Consortium in Nursing Homes

Consortium can be a result of nursing home neglect and abuse. If your loved one was the victim of neglect and abuse, they could face many issues. They might face physical trauma, emotional trauma, or in extreme cases, death. Whatever the case, if the affects are permanent, you might want to file a consortium claim of damage. This will offer a monetary compensation for these issues.

If you think that staff violated the home’s abuse prevention policy, report the issue to the home. Then, you should contact the police so that an investigation may occur. After the criminal process is complete, you might still feel unsatisfied with the results. You may be wondering what you can do to help you and your family carry on living your normal life as much as you can.

Legal Action

Fortunately, there is something you can do to try to ease the pain. This will involve furthering the legal action that you have already taken. To further the legal process, it may be in your best interest to continue on in civil court. This will not include any criminal charges.

Rather, you must prove neglectful behavior which resulted in damage to your loved one. You have to prove that the injury affected the life you were accustomed to living with them. A disturbance in consortium may allow you a reward for your unfortunate situation.


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