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Appealing a Denial

Unfortunately, many SSDI applications are denied at the initial application stage. As many as 70% of Connecticut SSDI applications were initially denied in 2018-2019. The good news is that you have the opportunity to appeal that decision! It can be as simple as filing an appeal online for a review by a new representative. If your original application has been denied, you may have the option to appeal the decision. Learn more about this process here. 

To begin the appeal, you must file a Request for Reconsideration within 60 days. This can be done online at, or you can visit your local Social Security office to file the appeal. If you need help filling out the required paperwork, you can ask a friend, family member, or even a lawyer to help you. If your appeal is denied, you could ask for a hearing. This would take place with an Administrative Law Judge, in which case a lawyer trained in disability law would be very helpful. 

What To Do Once You’re Approved 

Congratulations! Once you’ve been approved and completed the waiting period, you will get a confirmation letter and begin getting your benefits in the sixth month of your disability. You will have to tell the SSA office about any address change or if you are arrested, break your parole, or have any outstanding warrants for your arrest. If you eventually want to work again, contact the SSA office to confirm that your benefits will not be interrupted or terminated, as there are rules on work incentives. 

Thankfully, you will not need to reapply for SSDI once approved. You must keep any and all documents pertaining to your SSDI case because you will be evaluated every few months to a year to determine your eligibility based on your medical and financial condition in a process called the Continuing Disability Review. If possible, keep these documents saved electronically or scanned onto your computer so you can print multiple copies if needed. Completing your CDR on time is vital to maintaining your disability benefits and avoiding any interruption in care. 

Contact a Local Attorney  

Appealing the SSDI decision can be an overwhelming process. As such, it is a good idea to contact a Connecticut SSDI lawyer to assist you with the process. Don’t forget to keep any documents you received or created, and try to keep electronic copies for safety. To make the process a little easier, maintain a relationship with your SSA office and/or the representative helping you. If you cannot do something alone, someone will always help you. 

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