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Class Action Lawsuit

There is strength in numbers. How do you stop Lebron James from scoring? You have two defenders double team him. How do you implement a lower speed limit on your street to protect your children? You get the whole neighborhood to sign a petition. And how can you be recognized if your child has been injured by a company’s or person’s product? You file a lawsuit along with everyone else who has been injured. This is the beauty of the class action lawsuit – it provides strength in numbers. Learn more about the class action lawsuit in Connecticut and if it is the right option for your family on this page.

What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

A class action lawsuit occurs when a group of people with similar injuries from the action/product of a company/person file a lawsuit together. The class action lawsuit is also known as multi-district litigation or mass tort litigation.

The idea is simple. Let’s say you hired a surgeon to operate on your child’s broken wrist, and the surgeon hits a nerve that limits the mobility of your child’s hand. You start talking to this surgeon’s other patients and realize that several of them are experiencing limited mobility in their hands. If this is not a result of the nature of the surgery and instead the result of the surgeon’s carelessness, you can file a class action lawsuit against the surgeon.

Or let’s say that you buy a car seat for your child, but the buckle is faulty. It doesn’t work and your child has been injured as a result. When you go online to submit a review of the product warning others of the issue you faced, you read reviews from several other people that experienced the same or similar problems. You can all sue the manufacturer of the car seat together. Other common situations in which people have started class actions include:

  • Issues with an employer
  • Corporate misconduct
  • Consumer fraud
  • Security fraud

Should I File a Class Action Lawsuit?

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If your child has been injured by a person or product and you think that others share these injuries or similar injuries, you should consider filing a class action lawsuit. Consider the following questions before filing a class action lawsuit:

  • Have I contacted the other people in my child’s position?
  • Are they interested in filing a class action lawsuit?
  • Would we have a better chance of getting compensation if we file a lawsuit together or separately (consider that class action lawsuits are most successful when they deal with fairly minor injuries)?
  • Do we have a case? Is there evidence supporting the injuries and that they were caused by this person/company?
  • Can we find a personal injury lawyer with experience in class actions?

If the answer to these questions is yes, you should consider filing a class action lawsuit to help your child.

Discuss Class Action Lawsuits with a Connecticut Legal Advisor

Class action lawsuits can be a great option for those facing the same issues with a company or person. If you want to file a class action lawsuit in Connecticut, you should contact a personal injury lawyer such as myself about your case. I can help you determine your chances in your child’s case.


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