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Choosing a Gym

It was only recently that Connecticut law started requiring automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in Connecticut gyms. However, these are very important pieces of equipment that should be available in every gym. If you are searching for the right gym to join in the state, make sure to ask about the presence of an AED in that gym before you sign a contract or pay a fee. Not only is the AED now required by Connecticut law in gyms, but it is an essential tool in preventing serious injury that could occur while working out. To learn more about the AED and Connecticut gyms, read on.

What Is An AED?

An AED is a device that provides electric shock to the heart through a person’s chest. If a person goes into sudden cardiac arrest, an AED device can restore normal heart rhythm for that person. In the case of sudden cardiac arrest, an AED can literally mean the difference between life and death. Treatment for this issue should be administered immediately, and a person only has a few minutes after the sudden cardiac arrest to restore normal heart rhythm with hopes of a full recovery.

The AED is a useful device because it is lightweight and portable. It can be used by non-medical personnel and can make a big difference if a person suffers from an irregular heartbeat or a sudden cardiac arrest. The AED works by checking a person’s heart rhythm and determining if they need defibrillation. If they do need defibrillation, the AED will prompt a user on how to administer shock to the heart. The AED device itself will walk the user through the process and provide proper directions through voice activated commands.

Any non-medical personnel trained in CPR can use AEDs. These devices are intended for use by and for the general public. They are safe for anyone to use, since the device itself will determine if a person needs electric shock and how to administer it.

The Benefits Of AED In Gyms

It is essential for gyms to carry AED devices not only because the law requires it, but also because gyms are places where an AED may be needed. Difficult exercise oftentimes elevates a person’s heart rate. If the heart rate rises too fast or reaches too high of a level, it can cause issues in the body, including other heart issues such as sudden cardiac arrest. This does not mean that exercise is bad for you – on the contrary, regular exercise can help you regulate your heart rate and keep it strong. However, pushing your body too hard too quickly, especially if you are just starting an exercise regimen, can raise your short term risk for cardiac arrest or a heart attack.

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Because of this risk, it is vitally important that you work with a trainer who does not push your heart too hard too fast, and that an AED is on site for any gym member who may need it.

Getting Help

If you face a heart problem in a gym, there are several instances in which the gym or trainer may be at-fault. First, if a trainer is negligent in caring for your heart health, you may have a claim against them. Second, if an AED is not available, the gym has broken Connecticut law and put you in danger. If you find yourself in one of these situations, contact my office for help.


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