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Keeping Kids Safe in the Summer

Summer is a great time to be a kid. Having fun is every kid’s #1 summer priority. While they’re enjoying their time off from school it’s easy for them to get carried away and not think about safety first. Here’s a few tips to help you make their safety an easy part of every day.

Make Water Safety A Priority

Summer’s a great time for fun in the sun and in the water; however, water related injuries and deaths are prevalent each summer. Ensure that your child will not be a victim! Whether your child is swimming in a lake, pool, river or ocean, water safety should be followed for successful summer fun. Making sure children are accompanied by an adult while in the water and use the buddy system so that everyone stays safe.

Beat The Heat

Dehydration is a serious danger in summer months. With children loving the sunlight and not having to worry about schoolwork, they have more time to play outside. Breaking up sun time to ensure that children are spending sufficient time indoors reduces their risk of dehydration and heat stroke. Ensure that children eat plenty of snacks and drink enough fluids to keep them hydrated and ensure that they have fun.

Keep The Bug Spray Handy

Don’t let ticks and mosquitos keep you from your favorite outdoor activities! To ensure that they stay away, reapply bug spray as directed on the bottles. The types of places which ticks are likely to be found are grassy and woodsy areas. If your kids are playing in these areas, make sure to check them for ticks afterwards. Mosquitos are in humid and tropical climates such as beaches in the evening, or bonfires in the backyard. Be sure to use bug spray to keep painful and itchy bites to a minimum.

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Playground Injuries

Playground injuries account for a large percentage of emergency room visits for children under 14. When taking children to the playground, ensure that the ground is soft to try to limit injuries as best as you can. In addition, remind them to be safe before going on the playground to prevent injuries. A soft landing and alert child can prevent many injuries.


Biking is a favorite summer activity, especially for families and those who live near the beach. To ensure that your little ones are safe, make sure they wear their helmets. A helmet can prevent harmful injuries such as concussions and keep children out and about during their summer vacation. No child wants to have their time off from school spent indoors due to a concussion or another bike-related injury.


Sunburn and sun poisoning are not only painful, but can cause serious health complications later in a child’s life. To ensure that children are protected from the sun’s harmful rays, make sure that they reapply sunscreen periodically throughout the day.

By following these simple tips, you can help your child stay healthy all summer long.


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